Let us handle the problems of e-book production so you can concentrate on writing. We will take care of document conversion, page layout, cover design, and testing, turning your source files into an e-book ready for sale online.

This is the base price and list of services for a standard ebook project. This assumes straight prose, chapter divisions, no unusual typography or illustrations. If you have other requirements, such as advanced formatting, illustrations, footnotes, etc., get in touch with us and we can discuss what you need. You might find it useful to read about the two main types of ebook design. Standard ebooks are best suited to text-only novels, while fixed-layout ebooks are better for more complex designs including illustrations and graphics.

Please note the standard contract prices are for reference only and do not include basic I.T. support, although it can be provided separately at a fixed hourly rate. You will also need access to the appropriate ebook reader devices or apps to test your ebook.  While your story may be written with simple text, some of the design requirements may not be as simple.  Each ebook design request will be reviewed and a formal quote will be given and approved before any work is performed.

Ebook production

Most ebook projects go through the following stages.

  1. Document conversion:
    Rather than going through an automated process, each title is carefully formatted to ensure it looks good on the target ebook readers. I accept a wide range for source document formats, including Word, RTF, HTML, PDF, InDesign and more.

  2. Cover design:
    An eye-catching cover is created to help sell your ebook. This may incorporate supplied images, stock photos, or original art. Logo design and branding services are also available if you wish to create a range of titles.

  3. Testing and advice:
    The finished ebook is tested on the appropriate devices and reader applications. The final files are then delivered ready for submission to Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Standard Fiction Title (50,000-100,000 words) with Cover Design

  • Creation of .epub and .mobi ebooks from electronic source files. The ebook files can then be sold via the Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble Store and more.

  • Standard novel formatting, title page, copyright page, and table of contents.

  • Cover design and branding using supplied artwork and logos. Alternatively, I can supply stock images based on your requirements. Cover design is discussed in more detail below.

  • Full testing of final ebooks on reader devices and apps.

  • Advice on title submission and promotion.

Cost: $500 to $750

Standard Fiction Title (50,000 – 100,000 words) without Cover Design

If you already have a cover design, or can supply your own image, the cost will be lower.

Cost: $300 to $450

Cover Design & Branding

The standard ebook package includes a cover design using supplied artwork and logos / branding. If you don’t have artwork I can recommend suitable stock images. The license for these varies depending on source, but it can be a cost-effective way to create a striking cover. All cover typography and layout design is included in this package.

Standard eBook Cover Design

Cover design is also available as a separate service. The cost given here is for the base package which uses a single image. More advanced designs using multiple images and decorative elements can be negotiated. For a completely original cover with a new illustration and branding to help your title stand out, get in touch to discuss my design and illustration services.

  • Initial research.

  • Image editing using supplied art or stock images.

  • Typography and layout design using any supplied logos / branding guidelines.

  • Cover testing on reader devices and applications such as Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Delivery of cover image at suitable size for use within the ebook, plus high-res versions for print, product image listing on Amazon store, etc.

Cost: $250 to $500

Bespoke Illustrations

We can also create illustrations specifically for your ebook cover. Please contact us for more information, or look at the portfolio for examples of custom illustrations!


Other Services

  • Dedicated website to promote the title.

  • Redesign of existing websites.

  • Advert design to promote the title on other websites.

  • Conversion of existing ebooks to other formats.

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